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De Sírius

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Multi-action, treating cause and effect. Bioregulatory action. Combats hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

100% vegetable tonic, does not contain alcohol, can be used on the scalp, beard, eyebrows and even eyelashes (with cotton swab application), to combat flaws and stimulate growth, improve capillary density (more wires) and recover the appearance. healthy and strong. 

The active used to stimulate growth and fight hair loss, is known as MINOXIDIL GREEN, for having a powerful action to stimulate new hair follicles, proven tests to increase 30% in 90 days.


It stimulates hair growth, controls oiliness and limits the formation of dandruff, without drying out the hair or scalp. Multi-action treating cause and effect. 


• VEGAN product.
• Decongestant and bioregulatory action.
• ANTI-IRRITATION: Contains a natural active even more effective than zinc pyrithione which, in addition to fighting dandruff thanks to its richness in saponins, is a powerful restful and calming agent, eliminating irritations and itching. It can be used on chemically sensitized scalps at the time of COLORING and BLEACHING to soothe the scalp and fight itching.


For hair with fall, dandruff and oiliness.


Active: Seborilys, dandrilys and plant extracts.

Content: 30ml
pH: 5 to 6

aqua, aloe barbadensis extract, nasturtium officinale extra, centella asiatica extract, salvia officinalis extract, pilocarpus microphyllus leaf extract, fucus vesiculosus extract, propanediol, ziziphus joazeiro bark extract, alcohol, glycerin, lecithin, maltodextrin, epilobium augustifolium flower/leaf/steam extract, tropaeolum majus flower/leaf/steam extract, terminalia chebula extract, porphyridium cruentum extract, hydroxyethylcellulose, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, tocopheryl acetate, scutellaria baicalensis extract, glycine max (soybean) oil, triticum vulgare germ oil, xylityl sesquicaprylate

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