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Workshop Hair Therapy

Workshop Hair Therapy

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Workshop Detox Therapy Organker 

**Please note that the workshop will be held in Dutch.

This course was specially designed to teach professionals how to take care of problems that the scalp may have, such as:

  • Scalp flaking or irritated
  • Excessive oiliness at the root
  • Loss of hair
  • Hair that does not grow
  • Itching
  • Repairs the hair fiber
  • Anti-pollution action

Course Content
1 - Introduction: Knowing the hair from roots to ends
2 - Diagnosis: How to analyze the hair problem and get the diagnosis right
3 - Treatment: How to define the correct treatment for each hair problem
4 - Step by step: From application to finalization, achieve the perfect hair

You will be able to feel and live the experience that DETOX THERAPY ORGANKER provides with us, as the demonstration will be done on one of the students by one of the students.


This course is suitable for people who work or intend to work as a hairdresser or hair therapist. It is also suitable for laypeople who want to know and learn more about scalp health.

Course Details

- The price is individual
- Maximum 5 participants per schedule
- Workbook included
- Certificate included
- The course is taught by technical trainer from FS Cosmetics
- You can cancel up to 24 hours before the course. There is no refund for participation in the purchased course if participation is canceled on the day of the course.

Course location:
FS Cosmetics Academy
Tokyostraat 19F,
1175 RB Lijnden

Course Benefits

-The course will bring you the knowledge necessary to guide clients on various types of hair problems.
-You will learn techniques on how to customize the treatment according to the client's needs.
-You can add new types of treatments to your menu.
-Exclusive treatment and products with patent certificate.
-You will receive an exclusive certificate.
-Exclusive discount for the purchase of products on the day of the course

About the products

The Detox Therapy Organker line is a complete treatment designed to maintain the health of the scalp and hair.
It also removes toxins and pollutants that accumulate in the wires, leaving them with excess oil at the root and drying the wire, hindering growth and increasing split ends.

The line consists of:
1. Dtox Shampoo
2. Dtox 1 + Dtox 2
3. Repair cream
4. Tonic
5. Leave-in

Problems that DETOX THERAPY ORGANKER can alleviate, prevent and postpone:
• Alopecia,
• Psoriasis,
• Folliculitis,
• Dermatitis.

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