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Free Demonstration - Deep Nutrition

Free Demonstration - Deep Nutrition

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Demonstration Deep Nutrition – 17/04/2023

**Please note: the workshop is given in Dutch.

Do you know what the latest developments are in the field of hair restoration?

The hype to better care for and restore hair is, fortunately, getting bigger!
The latest hair reconstruction treatments focus on the green. Natural, vegan and not harmful to the scalp.

What does the treatment do?
Deep Nutrition: Gentle and effective cleansing. Prevents color fading, gives shine and vitality to the hair. It thickens and strengthens strands.

The Deep Nutrition Shampoo gently cleanses and prevents color fading due to the regenerating properties of ceramides and keratin, which give the hair even more shine and vitality.
The Deep Nutrition Conditioner nourishes, nourishes and seals the hair, creating a protective layer that provides high shine and better protection to colored and bleached hair.
The Deep Nutrition Mask works on the most damaged layers of the hair cuticle and nourishes and seals the hair. Creates a protective layer that provides high shine and better protection to colored and highlighted hair. It thickens and strengthens thin and weak hair.
The DD Spray Deep Nutrition finisher offers multiple benefits that provide sun protection, frizz control, softness, shine, thermal protection and detangling effect in addition to improving hair color.

Course content
1 - Introduction: Theory.
2 - Diagnosis: How to choose the right line and step-by-step plan.
3 - Treatment: How to properly apply the treatment.
4 - Step by step: From application to completion, achieve the perfect nourishment.


This demonstration is suitable for people who work or will work as a hairdresser or hair therapist. It is also suitable for individuals who want to know more and learn about the latest trends in the field of hair.

Course Details

- Up to 15 participants.
- Manuals included.
- The workshop is given by a technical trainer from FS Cosmetics.
- Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours prior to the course. No refund will be made if participation is cancelled within 48 hours prior to the competition.

Experience and Training center FS Cosmetics
Tokyostraat 19F - 1175 RB - Lijnden

Course Benefits

-The course brings you the knowledge needed to guide clients through various treatments.
-You will learn techniques to adapt the treatment to the needs of the client.
-You can add new types of treatments to your menu.
-Exclusive discount when purchasing products on the day of the course.

About the products

During the workshop we will demonstrate the Deep Nutrition care.

Visit our product page for more information about each product line.

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